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VICKY EDMONDS is a poet and teacher who uses the written and spoken word as an opportunity for bringing our deepest truths to the page and to the world.  She works with adults, adolescents, children, women’s organizations, parenting groups and at risk populations on dealing with many of the specific issues in our lives.


Her published books include Inside Voices, used to the dark, once drunk / opening, unpredictable as breathing, lucid moments (poetry) and the first two volumes in the Writes of Passage series (writing models).  She has also been published in numerous other books and anthologies nationally, including Sacred Threshold – Crossing the Inner Barrier to a Deeper Love by Paula D’Arcy (therapist to Morrie Schwartz of  “Tuesdays with Morrie”), The Soul of Success – A Woman’s Guide to Authentic Power and Chicken Soup for the Soul – Life Lessons for Loving the Life You Live by NY Times bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” author, Jennifer Read Hawthorne.  Vicky has also compiled more than 250 books of writings from workshops she has taught at schools, treatment centers, homeless shelters, jails and a children’s prison near Seattle.


She has hosted a series of radio shows on this topic on Straight Talk/Recovery Radio, presented at the National Association for Poetry Therapy and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Conferences, taught around the country for a CD-ROM magazine written and produced by children for children and spent a month teaching in a monastery/halfway house in Italy as well.


Vicky Edmonds has been using writing as a healing tool for more than 40 years.



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Poet helps fifth-graders give voice to their thoughts about attacks

As a learning opportunity and a chance to emphasize the PeaceBuilder program at Thoreau Elementary School, teacher Barbara Gilles looked for someone to help her students write about their feelings. In PeaceBuilder schools, peace, compassion and communication are infused into classroom routines. Gilles found Seattle poet and writing teacher Vicky Edmonds.



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What’s the word? Festival
Vicky Edmonds is looking for the authentic voices, the deep-down voices that cut through the messy chatter of everyday life.

“Every single person in this world is struggling to find that thing inside them to bring to the table, to say to the world,” Edmonds said. “I want to help them find it.”

Edmonds, a West Seattle poet, will be one of the featured speakers at Write Out Loud, the Eastside’s annual literary- and spoken-arts festival. Hers is one of the underlying philosophies propelling this event, now in its third year. Wednesday, March 22, 2000


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